The semi and grand finals series will take place live in Cologne, Germany on Saturday, February 22 starting 1700CET (8AM PST). Watch live on, subscribe to one of these events for a time zone conversion: Facebook | Steam | Google+.

The live finals series will feature seating for over one hundred spectators, and you are invited to join the party! If you would like to attend the NS2WC in person, register for a ticket here. You will get to meeting Flayra, the creator of NS, and mix with the casters, teams, and other UWE developers!

After Party Information

The location is a literature café named “Goldmund” in Glasstr. 2, Köln. You can find their website under

Description: A chill-out place to drink and eat where you can also read and buy used books, from german literature to ~3k international books. It holds place for up to 110 people.

Event: Since the café usually closes at 12pm, it will be opened this night just for the NS2WC after party. Drinks and food will be served, and we can all hang out and party and talk until late night.

How to get there: We are organising a taxi shuttle to get everyone there. Expect around 5,-€ for the trip, the car drive takes 13 minutes. The fee for organizing the shuttle trips with the taxi company will be paid by us. If you want to travel via local subways or car yourself, you are of course free to do so.

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